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                  Introducing the new “Peachland Wheel Nuts” Chapter of Vintage Car Club of Canada.

This new chapter of VCCC was created in the fall of 2020 and launched January 2021. We had operated for 2 years prior to this as an unorganized group called Peachland Wheel Nuts. A few of us organized and hosted a local show and shine at A&W, Peachland in 2019, with up to 90 cars attending at the peak of the 2019 season.

Jerome Hauck  
1924 Ford T 1-ton with Ruxel Speed Axle at 1st A&W Show and Shine in Peachland 2019

Dwight Bleiler
1951 Dodge DG1-08 at A&W Show and Shine in Peachland 2019

 In 2020 with Covid restrictions we had only a few small A&W gatherings early in the season. In July of 2020 A&W asked us to temporarily relocate due to Covid concerns. They found it difficult to operate with the COVID-19 restrictions. We wondered if the show would survive. 

During August and September 2020, we had a few cars attend a small show and shine in Peachland’s Centennial Park. To end the season in September we did our last event of 2020 with limited entry cruise and tour of the Nixdorf Classic Car Museum in Summerland.

Grant Topham 
1934 Dodge Bros DR Coupe at Heritage Park, Peachland 

August 2020 

Otto Oltmanns
1966 VW Deluxe Euro Model (with sun roof),  Peachland 

With only a Facebook page and a few volunteers to support it, the group had been a great success in 2019 and we made it thru 2020 intact, in spite of Covid-19.  

In August 2020 members of the VCCC, invited the Peachland Wheel Nuts to try to form a new Peachland Chapter of the VCCC. The idea was a surprise to us and we discussed it at our small show and shines. We circulated a petition to get enough signatures to present to the VCCC governors meeting. At the Governors 2020 fall meeting we had our petition considered and were approved to form a new chapter. Following the approval being granted, we satisfied the minimum requirement to form a Chapter of at least 5 new paid members. Hence, the Peachland Wheel Nuts Chapter of the VCCC was born. We are happy to report additional new members have signed up since then.

Cors Verhage 
1993 Cadillac Allante, Tom Petty’s Heartbreaker 

Gord Anderson
1955 Studebaker Speedster project


On October 4th, 2020, we held our Inaugural Meeting where we elected Directors and Officers. Our first “official” General Business Meeting, using Zoom, was on January 11, 2021. 

As of February 7, 2021, we have a total of 11 new memberships to VCCC as well as

6 former VCCC members who renewed their VCCC membership through our new chapter.

An additional 4 members have become associate members in our chapter. In total we have 21 paid memberships and, with spouses included, we have a total of 37 voting members

Check us out on Facebook. 

See the Peachland Wheel Nuts - VCCC Chapter website for details.

Thank you to all the members of VCCC who have encouraged and supported us in forming this new chapter.